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WE ARE The Visionaries behind DanteVisair

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Our journey began with Carlos, our visionary CEO, who leverages his extensive experience in technology and marketing with a passion for gaming to lead our mission.

Alongside him, we have Hugo, our CTO, a tech maverick who brings groundbreaking AI and ML innovations to life.

Managing our relations is Bill, our CRO, whose expertise ensures our reach.

We are proud members of the Apolo Technologies family. As a software development powerhouse, Apolo Technologies spearheads projects in Gaming, Blockchain, FinTech, and recently, AI and ML.


powerful AI in Gaming

Dante Visair is not just an AI, it's your personal game navigator.

Personalized AI Navigation

Tailored gaming guidance powered by AI.

Advanced Post-Match Analysis

In-depth, actionable insights from every game.

Real-Time Strategy Recommendations

On-the-fly strategies for a competitive edge.

Metrics and Progress Tracking

Visualize your gaming growth and stay on track.

Meet... US!

Team Members


Carlos Reglero

Player One

Hugo Teijiz

Tech Wizard

Bill Murphy