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Gaming insights, personalized recommendations, trend analysis, and progress tracking.Discover our features


Powerful AI in Gaming

Dante Visair is not just an AI, it's your personal game navigator.

Personalized AI Navigation

Tailored gaming guidance powered by AI.

Advanced Post-Match Analysis

In-depth, actionable insights from every game.

Real-Time Strategy Recommendations

On-the-fly strategies for a competitive edge.

Metrics and Progress Tracking

Visualize your gaming growth and stay on track.


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Roadmap or Seasons?!?

At Dante Visair, we're not just about maintaining the status quo. We're in the business of breaking barriers and revolutionizing the gaming landscape. Here's a sneak peek into what's next on our roadmap:


season 1 - Broadening Horizons

  • Expanding game genre coverage
  • Enhancing our datasets
  • Positioning AI companion APP
  • Game Developers Program Whitelist

season 2 Real-Time Revolution

  • Introducing Real-time analysis
  • In-game Strategy and recommendations
  • Skill gaming profile overhaul
  • Inclusion of additional supported titles for the AI companion APP

season 3 - Tailoring the future

  • Launching Advanced Customization
  • Personalized gaming profile
  • Standalone DANTE-ViSAIR client beta
  • Dataset expansion & Additional titles included